Message from the Sheriff

The men and woman of the Sheriff’s Office work around the clock, everyday, to protect the residents of Passaic County. The Agency is responsible for various law enforcement functions throughout Passaic County: including County Patrol, Crime Scene Investigation, SWAT and K-9 functions, the operation of the Passaic County Jail and the security of County Facilities, including the Passaic County Courthouse and Administration Complex.

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Public Safety

The Bureau of Law Enforcement provides a full spectrum of support and proactive police, investigative and public safety services to the residents of Passaic County. Along with the its most visible unit, Uniformed Patrol, this division also deploys the following specialized units including Mobile Command whenever they are needed throughout the county, at no extra cost to taxpayers: Bomb Squad, Crisis Response Team, Haz-Mat Team, Special Weapons, Internet Crime Unit,

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Passaic County Jail

Originally constructed in 1957, the Passaic County Jail was built to accommodate 227 beds. Over the years, the jail has undergone many changes. The facility now consists of 4 floors and has a 1242 inmate bed capacity. In 2010, a construction project began to upgrade.

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Court Services

The Bureau of Court Security is headed by Chief William McCrary and located at 77 Hamilton Street in City of Paterson. The main complex consists of four adjoining buildings including the County Administration building and several ancillary buildings throughout the County. 

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Construction Alerts