The function of this unit is to identify, screen, and work with the courts to enroll suitable persons/inmates into alternative-to-incarceration programs.

Alternative to Incarceration Programs (AIP) At Passaic County Jail:

In efforts to continually reduce overcrowding at the Passaic County Jail, the Sheriff’s Office runs several Alternative-to-Incarceration Programs. These programs generate approximately $60,000 in revenue annually and include the following programs:

  • SLAP (Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program) – Low-level offenders that are sentenced to this program are not housed inside the Passaic County Jail, but instead they report daily to the jail. Once at the jail they are assigned to a work crew and are supervised by a correction officer. These crews perform community service type activities throughout the entire county.  This program is extremely beneficial to taxpayers as SLAP participants not only perform community service daily, but they also reduce incarceration costs (as they are not housed inside the jail and pay $8.00 per day to participate in this program).
  • Home Detention / GPS ankle monitoring Program – This program is also for low-level offenders, but instead of reporting for community service, these offenders must be gainfully employed and must remain at their residence when not at their workplace. These offenders wear a GPS ankle bracelet and all their activities are tracked minute-to-minute. All costs are paid for by the offender.
  • Work release -   This program is also for low-level offenders, but these offenders spend their evenings (or weekends) incarcerated inside the Passaic County Jail and their days at their existing workplace. These offenders must also be gainfully employed, but do not need all their activities tracked minute-to-minute. All costs are paid for by the offender.
  • Hopedell – This program is for offenders that have committed more serious crimes, but are nearing the end of their sentence. Offenders permitted into this program are incarcerated in Passaic County Jail, but are let out daily as part of community service work crews. These inmates are under constant watch of a correction officer.


Community Release Center Stats:


11 inmates – daily average

Home detention

2 offenders – daily average


71 offenders – monthly average


12 offenders – monthly average