Office Of the Sheriff

Message from the Sheriff

Welcome to the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office webpage.Sheriff-Berdnik

The men and women of the Sheriff’s Office work around the clock, everyday, to protect the residents of Passaic County. The Agency is responsible for various law enforcement functions throughout Passaic County including County Patrol, Crime Scene Investigation, SWAT and K-9 functions, the operation of the Passaic County Jail and the security of County Facilities, including the Passaic County Courthouse and Administration Complex.

The department has initiated numerous community-based programs available to all the citizens of Passaic County and is highlighted on this site. These programs have been designed to improve both the services we provide and the relationships we share with the community. Among these programs are the Reverse 911 Notification System, the Senior Citizen "Are You Ok Program," the Senior Identification and Crime Prevention Program, the Student "Reality-Check" Program, the Volunteers In Police Program, the Explorer Program, the College Intern Program and the Crime Stoppers "Operation Safe-County" Program.

I fully understand that it is my obligation to step up to the challenges of our shared vision of a responsible Sheriff's Office, above all, by the integrity of its leadership. I have dedicated my life to protecting you and your family and there is no quality of life if our homes and neighborhoods aren't safe and our children and seniors are left unprotected. I pledge that our goals of excellence in service will not be compromised. In this, I assure you that the Passaic County Sheriff's Office will remain committed to ensuring safe county roads, schools, parks and neighborhoods through a department that puts the public first.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you and your family.

RICHARD H. BERDNIK, Sheriff, Passaic County.