Passaic County Jail

Originally constructed in 1957, the Passaic County Jail was built to accommodate 227 beds. Over the years, the jail has undergone many changes. The facility now consists of 4 floors and has a 1242 inmate bed capacity. In 2010, a construction project began to upgrade or install the following systems throughout the facility: heating and air conditioning, fire alarm system, fire pump, and fire suppression system. The construction project is scheduled to be complete by the spring of 2015.

At the direction of Sheriff Richard Berdnik and Warden Michael Tolerico, employees at the Passaic County Jail, sworn custody staff as well as civilian staff, administer various services to the inmate population and to the Passaic County community. Following are some examples, but not all, of the services that are provided:

Facility Tours

It is the policy of the Passaic County Jail to provide escorted tours, as authorized by the Warden or his designee, to individuals or groups that request written permission whether for law enforcement personnel, community support groups, students, churches, Reality Check or other related programs, and for those in career related fields. We currently provide an average of 40 facility tours annually.

Program Services

Our Program Services department offers several programs to our inmate population. These include the following:

  • GED program giving certain inmates who have not completed high school an opportunity to continue their education.
  • A Substance Abuse program administered by a full time 40 hour per week substance abuse counselor.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Passaic County Re-Entry Program which is designed to prepare inmates to be reintegrated into society upon release.
  • Religious Counseling
  • Religious Volunteers Program

Community Release Center (CRC)

The Community Release Center offers alternatives to incarceration for the citizens of Passaic County. These alternatives include the Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program (SLAP) and Home Detention and Bail Enhanced GPS which are a part of our Electronic Monitoring Program. CRC also provides services to the municipalities of Passaic County. These include the Clean Parks Program and emergency snow removal for seniors who need assistance after snow storms.



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