This area is the most important of all jail functions. Sworn officers and supervisors are assigned to ensure public safety by providing a safe, secure, and controlled environment for the inmate population.


All transportation of inmates is done following appropriate security and safety measures. Inmate transports average between 160 to 200 trips per month. Some of the duties of this unit include transporting to and from the below:

  • County Court
  • Inmate Medical Trips
  • Out of County Writs
  • Warrants Pickups
  • NJ Department of Corrections(NJDOC) Avenal Testing
  • Juveniles Transport
  • County Bails
  • Municipal Court Transport
  • Probation Placements
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) pickups for Court
  • US Marshall pickups for Court
  • Administrative tasks

Medical Services

The Medical Services Unit provides for the physical and psychiatric care of the inmates. This includes regularly dispensed prescription medications, in-house scheduled doctor visits, dental care, and dietary restrictions. The Medical Services Unit is staffed 24 hours a day and nurses make rounds to all inmate housing areas three times a day. In-house medical clinics provide care for approximately 1,500 inmates per month to treat chronic illnesses.