Are you OK?

“Are you OK?” An expression of concern voiced by a friends and relatives that gives us peace of mind. We know we’re not alone when someone is looking out for our well-being. But who calls to ask, “Are you OK?” when your loved ones aren’t around?

The Sheriff’s “Are you OK?” telephone reassurance program, a feature of the REVERSE 911® Interactive Community Notification System, eases the concerns of friends and relatives who may find it difficult to maintain constant reliable contact.

How the Program Works

“Good morning! Are you OK today?” At the same time each morning, you will receive this free call to check on your well-being. Your normal response will be a cheerful “Hello! Yes, I am fine.” This response tells the automatic system that there is no need for a follow-up contact (if you have an answering machine, it should be turned off when you expect the daily call, as the system can’t tell whether it’s really you or your answering machine).

What Happens if You Don’t Answer

If your telephone line is busy or there is no answer, the system will call back two more times over the span of fifteen minutes. If there is still no answer or the line stays busy, the information on your data sheet will appear on the screen and emergency action will begin.

If Your Door is Locked

When you become a subscriber to the “Are you OK?” program, you will be asked to identify other key holders who may assist in an emergency situation. When a dispatcher cannot make contact with you, they will attempt to notify the relative or friend you have designated to contact in an emergency. If that individual cannot be reached or is unable to personally check on you, an officer will immediately be dispatched to your home

When Calls Are Made

When you fill out the registration form, you will have the options of how many days you would like to receive a call, and at what time of the day the call should be placed. This information is stored on the computer, and automatically generates the call according to your specified schedule.


This free service is available to any resident of Passaic County over the age of 60, or to residents who are home on a permanent or long-term basis, regardless of age. The “Are you OK?” program can be used with other programs in which you are enrolled.

Discontinuing Service

If you need to stop the service temporarily, call the Community Policing Unit at 973-389-5920 and give the appropriate information. If you have to change any information on your data sheet (change of address, for example) or want to cancel the program, please call the above number.


If you would like to enroll as a member of this service, please request and complete the appropriate application and forward it to the address specified on the bottom of the application. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Community Policing Unit at 973-389-5920.



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