Sheriff Richard H. Berdnik encourages citizens of Passaic County to know as much as possible about how his office operates and what its role is in overall law enforcement efforts in Passaic County.

One of the best ways to learn about the Passaic County Sheriff's Office is to have a first-hand look at what we do. The Sheriff has made many of his specialized units available to give lectures and demonstrations that promote and support crime prevention and public safety.

Some of the presentations available to the public include gang awareness, drug awareness, identification scams, cyber bulling, bullying, internet safety, senior safety, K-9 division, mounted police patrol, bicycle patrol safety, bomb squad, scuba squad, motorcycle patrol, Haz-Mat, and the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team specialized units.

If your school, group or organization is interested in any of these programs, please complete and return the application found on our website at or for further information, please call the Community Policing Division at 973-389-5920.

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The Passaic County Sheriff's Office also promotes safety and crime prevention lectures.

GANG AWARENESS PRESENTATION- Looks into the different types of gangs in our communities; discusses- what to look for, gang recruiting process, helps young adults understand the consequences of joining a gang, etc.

INTERNET SAFETY- Helps children understand that what they put on the internet is permanent. It also discusses the dangers of meeting strangers online, general internet safety, etc.

KIDS SAFETY TALK- Geared toward younger children, this discusses safety when out in your neighborhood, home alone, on a cellphone and internet safety.

IDENTITY THEFT- Helps teach people to protect themselves from identity theft, also discusses the different types of identity theft.

STORY TIME- Have a Sheriff's Officer come in to your school and read during Story Time.

FINGERPRINTS & DNA KITS - are available at no charge to families with young children